"Widh roots in Uppsala Cathedrals Boys' Choir and voices from lead heavy bass to celestial counter tenor they unite good tone and tradition with passion and precision"
Orphei Drängar
Kaggen scholarship 2017


From the start, Simplyfive has toured frequently throughout Sweden and collaborated with leading choirs and orchestras. The group has performed together with world famous The King’s Singers at a concert in Uppsala cathedral with nearly 2 000 people in the audience. In 2017 they were awarded the Kaggen scholarship, founded by the choir Orphei Drängar (OD).

The group regularly performs at concerts, including through the popular concept In the world of fairy tales where the music is alternated with the reading aloud of a story. 

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Simplyfive performs a concert within the frame of the Swedish Church’s ”Music in summer” initiative in Vänge Church, Uppland. 
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Simplyfive participate inUppsala Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir’s 100 year jubilee concert in Uppsala Cathedral.
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Simplyfives members first met in Uppsala Cathedrals Boy’s Choir and have sung together for over 10 years. From the start Simplyfive have toured diligently throughout Sweden and collaborated with leading choirs and orchestras and has even performed a concert together with The King’s Singers at a concert in Uppsala Cathedral. The group also regularly arranges their  own concerts, including the popular concept In the world of fairy tales. 

In 2017 Simplyfive was awarded with the Kaggen scholarship, founded by the choir Orphei Drängar (OD).

David Pettersson


David’s journey through music began at the age of six years when he – to his family’s pleasure – started playing the violin. Since then he’s been playing both classical and folk music and also some bluegrass. The most central has however always been to sing, and his 15 years in Uppsala Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir is best summarised with “A fantastic and developing time.” After the boys’ choir the journey through music continued south to Skåne and Lund’s Student Singers where he sang throughout his studies in the city. Thereafter he moved 1 500 km to England where he for a year was an Alto Choral Scholar at Worcester Cathedral. 

Apart from the choirs David has, among other things, taken part in a number of musicals and studied choral conducting at Uppsala University, all combined with an intense (and now finished) career as a football (soccer) referee. 

He is currently situated in Hultsfred where he studies Music & Event Management at the Linné University.

Erik Nyström


The story of Erik’s music interest started at the age of six when he refused to start playing the piano. Instead he started singing following year in Uppsala Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir where he would remain for 12 years.

He was although not confined to singing. Besides choir he subsequently started playing the piano and also played the keyboard his rock band Steel Electric. He has also composed some orchestral music.

After finishing his studies as a civil engineer in information technology at Uppsala University, Erik now works as a software engineer at GE Healthcare in Uppsala.

Dennis Astorsdotter

High baritone

As a child Dennis studied first at the Music School of Uppsala and later graduated from high school with degrees from both the social sciences, natural sciences and aesthetics programs. He played the piano from ages 3 through 17 and sang for 14 years in Uppsala Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir. Thereafter he has sung in Västgöta Nations Male Chorus Korgossarna, Sweden’s Youth Choir, Svanholm Singers and S:t Johannes Chamber Choir (Malmö). He has moreover studied conducting, music theory and music hearing at Uppsala university and also directed two children’s choirs and a youth ensemble. 

Dennis is an educated gardener with a bachelors degree horticulture and is currently studying a Master of Science in Business at Uppsala University. 

In his spare time he likes to work out much and variedly, including volleyball, yoga and swimming. He also listens to a lot of podcasts on everything from medicine to the stock market and he likes to read scientific papers or books on inspiring leadership.

Erik Stålberg

Low baritone

Erik’s music interest began at the age of six when he started taking piano lessons and for the first time participated in Fårö Children’s Choir Week. At the age of 10 he joined Uppsala Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir and singing soon came to be his passion.

Except for 10 years in the boys’ choir, a number of school choirs and minor projects, Erik has sung in Sweden’s Youth Choir, Allmänna Sången, Västgöta Nation’s male chorus Korgossarna and Lunds Academic Choir. He has also studied music theory at Uppsala University. 

In the fall of 2017 Erik moved to Lund to study Industrial Engineering and Management and there sings in Palaestra Vocal Ensemble and acts in the spex (comical student theatre) Var GladSpexarna.

David Edström


David’s singing began when he, eight years of age, joined Uppsala Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir. He stayed there for 14 years and has continued singing in a number of choirs and other projects, including a production of Puccini’s Turandot in Valhalla in 2015. 

Except from singing David also plays the contrabass, electric bass and the piano. David also composes both classical and rock music. At Uppsala University, David has studied English, music theory and conducting. Thereafter he continued studying classical singing at the Music Conservatory of Falun for two years. David is still studying classical singing, although currently at Vadstena Academy of Song and Piano.



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